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    Greetings Celestials!

    We are all so apologetic for the recent delays and are trying our best to make sure our release goes well. The BETA, however, might not go to plan as we hoped it would be on the 8th of August, this might be pushed back to the 28th of August and the release in Early September.

    Important Links
    Website :
    Discord :
    Store :

    Gang Top Prizes
    #1.$25 USD PayPal or $50 USD Buycraft
    #2.$10 USD PayPal or $20 USD Buycraft
    #3.$5 USD PayPal or $10 USD Buycraft

    Important Features
    ✘ Custom Tokens system
    ✘ New Gangs system
    ✘ All GUIs
    ✘ More to come soon!

    Events Information
    ✘ Roll-call every day!
    ✘ Random Lucky blocks

    Thanks to everybody for reading through this post and we apologize deeply.
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